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Free E-Book:  Missions America
This is a free book that is part of a larger volume soon to be printed.  The first book is an attempt to get Christians thinking about things that most do not think about pertaining to church decline, church growth and the pioneering of new churches.  It talks about the state of Christianity in America and gives an historical overview of how we have gotten where we are and teaches some helpful terms for the era that we are entering.  The Holy Spirit seems to be speaking to the American Church, saying something like, 'Arise and become like missionaries in your own land.'  I do not seek to add to God's written Word, but something like that seems to be the impression that people are hearing on the fringes among those who care about reaching the nonChristians around us.

We are distributing this free ebook in this format for the sake of developing a mailing list to keep interest in our program alive.  We have no intention of selling the list.  We just wish to make announcements from time to time, such as, "the larger book is printed and ready for distribution" or where and when we are offering other courses or conferences and the like.  Please pray for us to have wisdom and to be diligent in this.

If you would like a copy of "Missions America" please fill out the information below to get a copy emailed to you:

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